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Shadia Ghantous

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My name is Shadia Ghantous. I am a figure model / artist with a passion for performance. for 12 years now, figure modeling has been by far one of my biggest passions, and I consider it a very high honor to carry out this role in my life. Having come from a conservative, Middle- Eastern family, I had to pursue this passion at many personal costs; so my love for this art is with strong conviction. It means much more to me than what meets the paper. I am making my move to LA, and I am driven to collaborate with artists. I come from a Theatre background, which I bring into my work as a figure model. To be able to connect to the energy of the artists in the room, and help bring a piece to life, is one of the greatest highs that I can experience.

Guy or Gal?


Body Type

Tall, Athletic, Skinny, Younger, Pale-Complexion, Long-Hair, Have-Tatoos

Where are you willing to travel?

Central-LA, Westside, Southbay, San-Fernando-Valley, Long-Beach

Modeling Type

Nude, Costumed


You name it, I will do my best to make it happen :)


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